dvm (10)Spaying and Neutering: Of course, every veterinary practice offers spaying and neutering, what we do differently is what sets us apart. Every animal that enters our surgical suite is prepped by surgically scrubbing their skin. All doctors wear sterile caps, gowns, gloves and masks, just as if you were to under go surgery in a hospital.

Bone Fractures, cruciate ligament ruptures, abdominal explorations and tumor removals are just a few of the surgeries routinely performed in our sterile surgery suite.

Animal Medical Center is one of the few veterinary hospitals to utilize a CO2 surgical laser and a class IV therapeutic laser… The surgical laser drastically reduces hemorrhage, pain, bleeding and swelling. As the laser incises or cuts tissue, nerve endings and capillaries are sealed, resulting in less pain and swelling. The class IV therapeutic laser is used to heal pain, swelling, inflammation and infections. Conditions like arthritis, back pain, ear and skin infections and wounds are greatly helped.

Speaking of pain, we do not want your pet to hurt. Every surgery performed here includes pain relief administered before the animal recovers from anesthesia.

All sterile surgeries are performed with the animal on a heating pad and monitored to view respiratory and cardiac functions as well as their oxygen saturation.

Our diagnostic equipment includes the latest in digital radiography (X-rays) and ultrasonography so skeletal and soft tissue diseases are diagnosed quickly. We also have equipment to measure Intraocular Pressure & Blood Pressure. A tonometer is used to measure intraocular pressure. By measuring intraocular pressure, glaucoma can be diagnosed. Blood Pressure is measured with a sphygmomanometer. Blood pressure is used to evaluate low (hypotension) and high (hypertension) pressure. At Animal Medical Center you won’t have to wait long for diagnostic blood testing. Most blood work can be accomplished here in less than 20 minutes, so you do not spend hours waiting for results in out of town labs.

Northeast Oklahoma is a very “itchy” place to live for you and yours pets! Thousands of dermatology cases have been diagnosed and treated efficiently here.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning and tooth extractions are performed here regularly. We minimize discomfort as much as necessary for all of our dental procedures.

Reproductive services are offered here at Animal Medical Center for artificial insemination, surgical insemination, caesarean sections, as well as semen analysis and fertility evaluation.

We’re a “Cat Friendly Practice!”
All cats are housed in a different ward, away from canine patients. We even have separate species exam rooms!


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